Structured For Every Trial Court Level

Individual Judges

Our cost-competitive solution allows the individual Judge to subscribe with their chamber budget monthly, semi-annually, or annually. No need to wait for the court to provide a solution that meets every Judge's need. The modular design and customizing features within ICMS allow each Judge to customize their process while maintaining standards mandated by the Chief Judge or the court.

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State/Superior Courts

The ICMS service provides the essential in chamber docket management needs of the multiple judges in a state or superior court. ICMS is designed to have a demonstrable impact on efficiency within all state and superior court systems by providing technology tools to make the judicial process more efficient, refined, and standard. ICMS assists the judges within the state or superior court to established unified practices while allowing individual processes within the different chambers. ICMS is customizable by each Judge. Although customizable, ICMS facilitates data sharing of common data such as lawyers, law offices, and other sharable non case specific data.

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Circuit Courts

The ICMS Software supports the circuit court's uniqueness by providing individual portals for each court with a single or multiple presiding judges. ICMS allows the judge to assemble important case information and allow cases to process without undue delay. Within ICMS the Circuit Court Judge has full access to all case information and appropriate documents for each court while maintaining separability of the different staff. The unified front end (user interface) increases the efficiency of the judge while allowing the different staff to collaborate on how to best share the presiding judge(s).

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