Insight Case Management Suite (ICMS)©™

A back office solution for circut court judges supporting more than one court

Insight Case Management Suite©™ is the leading innovative and effective tool for judges and judicial chambers of superior, state, and magistrate courts. ICMS is designed to:

  • Provide Judges with real-time knowledge on the productivity within their chamber
  • Facilitate optimization of the chamber processes against known constraints
  • Eliminate duplicate work and lost or misplaced notes
  • Provide direct productivity tools for all chamber personnel
  • Implement practices that improve efficiencies
  • Easily implement standards across all personnel
  • Assist trial courts to meet the increasing workload
  • Provide a technology solution that is suitable for the way trial court judicial chambers actually work
  • Leverage our business experiences and expertise in technologies to extend value to judicial chambers

More than just another software application, Insight Case Management Suite©™ is a digital assistant for each member of your team. Even the Judicial assistant has a digital assistant with the ICMS service.

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